24 Apr 2023

Real Estate Litigation – Failed Closings

I have some exciting professional news to share. I have recently added a new legal area in addition to my disability law practice. I will now also act as a real estate litigation lawyer with an emphasis on failed house closings. Sometimes a property sale does not go through because the buyer cannot get financing or simply won’t close due to a falling real estate market. More rarely, the Seller refuses to close because they have a change of heart or the market has skyrocketed. Whatever the reason, I can assist either the buyer or the seller understand and pursue their legal rights. I can also help if there has been fraud, misrepresentation, or negligence by a real estate agent. Finally, I can help in situations where there is property dispute with a neighbour or if your insurance company has denied a property loss claim.

Please visit my new website at for further information. I also have a real estate blog where I provide court case summaries of recently failed property closings and the lessons that can be learned.
Mark Yazdani