Psychiatric Disability Claims

Depression, Anxiety, Bi-Polar Disorder, PTSD, Panic Disorder and other psychiatric ailments can be crippling mental disorders that render a person completely unable to work. However, disability insurance companies often dismiss these claims on the basis that they are caused by “workplace stress” and thus not severe enough to be totally disabling.  However, as anyone who suffers from a psychiatric condition can testify, they can be severe enough to keep a person housebound or bedridden.

Key to a Successful Psychiatric Disability Claim

The key to a successful psychiatric disability claim is getting a proper independent medical assessment by a psychiatrist.  An unbiased independent expert can properly assess the severity of your condition as well as provide informed diagnoses and prognoses. At Yazdani Law Office, we know the most qualified and respected psychiatrists in Ontario and will arrange to have you assessed as part of the lawsuit process.

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