April 12

Tips for Disability Claimants #2 – Avoid Opening a Facebook Account

Over the last several years, insurance companies have been aggressively pursuing access to claimants’ online profiles with Facebook and other social media

by Mark Yazdani

April 1

Tips for Disability Claimants #1 – Maintain Regular Treatment

Ensuring that you maintain regular care and treatment for your disability greatly assists the strength of your claim. This means visiting your doctor on a regular

by Mark Yazdani

March 15

Consult a Disability Lawyer before agreeing to a Lump Sum Settlement

Occasionally, an insurance company will approach a disabled claimant and offer to pay them a one-time lump sum payment rather than continuing to pay monthly

by Mark Yazdani

February 27

Reasons Claims are Denied #4 – “Workplace Conflict”

Conflicts with co-workers and management are regular occurrences in all manner of workplaces throughout Canada. Disputes with co-workers can arise over personality

by Mark Yazdani

February 15

Reasons Claims are Denied #3 – Surveillance

Surveillance is a common tool used by disability insurance companies during the adjudication of a disability claim. The insurance company will hire an investigative

by Mark Yazdani

January 30

Reasons Claims are Denied #2 – No Restrictions or Limitations

A common reason that a disability insurance company will cite to deny a long-term disability claim is that there are no “restrictions or limitations”.

by Mark Yazdani

January 26

Definition of Disability

The definition of disability is the crucial backbone of every disability insurance policy.  Both group long-term disability (LTD) policies and individual policies

by Mark Yazdani

January 15

Reasons Claims are Denied #1 – “No Objective Evidence”

Disability insurance companies often deny legitimate disability claims on grounds that there is “no objective evidence of disability”. This reason can be

by Mark Yazdani

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